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Check the final WE-TRANSFORM Newsflash!


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Check the final WE-TRANSFORM Newsflash!

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As the first buds of spring herald new beginnings, so does this period mark the conclusion of the WE-TRANSFORM project. This edition, our final newsletter, reflects on our journey and the significant effort we have made.

Throughout our project, we've navigated the complex terrain of technological advancements, seeking to ensure that the evolution of the transport sector remains both inclusive and forward-looking. The highlight was our final conference in Brussels, where we unveiled our research findings, offering a roadmap for navigating the future of work in transport. This event symbolised not just the culmination of our efforts but also a springboard for future initiatives in this critical area.

The European Commission's recognition of our work underscores its importance and the necessity for continued attention to the effects of digitalisation and automation on the transport workforce. It has been an immense privilege to spearhead this project, fostering conversations and laying down the groundwork for policy adaptation in the transport industry.