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Check out all relevant news and events related to our transport automation, digitalisation and workforce !

With the broad scope of the topic, many research projects can bring relevant insights to our work. Here are the latest activities we have on our radar, to enrich our collaboration with the community of relevant stakeholders.

News and events

May 15, 2023  WeTransform


Shifting Perspectives: Accessibility, Inclusion, and the Impact of Automation and Digitalisation on Jobs

May 2, 2023  WeTransform

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April 13, 2023  WeTransform

WE-TRANSFORM stakeholders define pathways to a desirable future for transport workers

In the last three months, WE-TRANSFORM partners have organised small meetings with identified stakeholders to draw a picture of transport workers' future with the automation and digitalisation of [...]

April 5, 2023  WeTransform

WE-TRANSFORM 5th Stakeholder Forum Workshop

The EU-funded WE-TRANSFORM project invites you to its 5th stakeholder workshop in Vienna on June 13 (whole day) and 14 (AM), 2023. The workshop will both inform on the project progress to date, and [...]

March 10, 2023  WeTransform

WE-TRANSFORM x JUST TRANSITION webinar summary and outline

JUST TRANSITION webinar series puts into action POLIS Just Transition Agenda, making the transformation to a safer and more accessible urban mobility a reality. This time in cooperation with [...]

March 8, 2023  WeTransform

WE-TRANSFORM D4.1 is submitted for review!

On the Assessment of the transport automation impact on the workforce

February 17, 2023  WeTransform

Transport workforce transition: Action!

The final year of WE-TRANSFORM's activities has kicked-off, and with it, the final rush on our key task: define an agenda with actions for politicians to address the transport workforce transition [...]

February 13, 2023  WeTransform

Just Transition x WE-TRANSFORM webinar

WE-TRANSFORM's second webinar is happening soon! Make sure you register to learn about workers' perspective on changes due to automation and digitalisation of transport services. See you on March 7...

February 6, 2023  WeTransform

The EU passed a vote to curb the use of bogus employment practices by online platforms

European Parliament has adopted a measure allowing the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs to negotiate new rules on digital platfoms

February 2, 2023  WeTransform

Report on the 4th Stakeholder Forum Workshop in Brussels 2023

In January, we discussed the legal aspects of workforce transition in the transport sector, as well scenarios for the workforce transformation and preparation and implications for the policy agenda [...]

November 30, 2022  WeTransform

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November 29, 2022  WeTransform

WE-TRANSFORM's tricky questions at Tomorrow Mobility World Congress 2022

WE-TRANSFORM communication leader organised a debate on the role of workers in automated shuttles at the Tomorrow Mobility World Congress. Find out which tricky questions raised the audience [...]

November 29, 2022  WeTransform

WE-TRANSFORM crowds the European Commission stand in TRA 2022

Our coordinator Cristina Pronello from Politecnico di Torino introduced the project to an interested audience last week in the Transport Research Arena conference in Lisbon. A great opportunity to [...]

November 15, 2022  WeTransform

Report on the WE-TRANSFORM First Webinar: What jobs and what workers in automated and digital transport services?

Report on the webinar, presentations and Q&A

October 25, 2022  WeTransform

WE-TRANSFORM 4th Stakeholder Workshop

The EU-funded WE-TRANSFORM project invites you to its 4th stakeholder workshop in Brussels on January 19, 2023. Time & Place: 10:00-17:30 at Brussels info Place (BIP), Rue Royale 2-4, 1000 Brussels.

October 12, 2022  WeTransform

WE-TRANSFORM First Webinar: What jobs and what workers in automated and digital transport services?

Join us online on November 9 to find out existing initiatives supporting transport workers' transition due to services automation and digitalisation, and to understand the impacts of this transition [...]

August 10, 2022  WeTransform

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July 28, 2022 WeTransform

WE-TRANSFORM steering committee meeting highlights

Steering committee meeting highlights on the 7-8 July 2022 in Brussels

July 14, 2022 WeTransform

Report on the 3d WE-TRANSFORM workshop

Read here the report of our fruitful sessions at the WE-TRANSFORM third stakeholder workshop with transport operators, workers representatives, local authorities and researchers in Riga in June 2022.

June 8, 2022 WeTransform

Knowledge Base - Thematic area #7 glance

WE-TRANSFORM’s thematic area N°7 addresses the role of collective bargaining in defining the regulation framing the transport workforce transition

June 8, 2022 WeTransform

Knowledge Base - Thematic area #3 glance

Minimisation of exclusion processes in the reskilling of the workforce

June 3, 2022 WeTransform

Welcome to the 1st Newsflash on the latest WE-TRANSFORM events!


May 20, 2022 WeTransform

Report on the second WE-TRANSFORM workshop

WE-TRANSFORM Workshop 2 Report

May 13, 2022 WeTransform


Abstract: The deliverable provides an outline a comprehensive list of research projects and initiatives related to automation in the transport and selected other … sectors. A similar list has been [...]

May 13, 2022 WeTransform

WE-TRANSFORM structures its investigations in view of a focused agenda for policy makers

An overview on the WeTransform Thematic areas

April 29, 2022 WeTransform

WE-TRANSFORM 3rd Stakeholder Workshop

Hybrid workshop in Riga, Latvia, on June 15, 2022 … This workshop marks the start of the second phase. This phase focuses on the analysis of the observed and collected impacts of automation on the [...]

April 14, 2022 WeTransform

PAVE Virtual Panel: What Could AVs Mean for New Career Pathways?

PAVE is a diverse coalition that unites industry partners and nonprofit groups who believe in the potential of AVs. Their aim is to bring the conversation about automated vehicles (AVs) to the public [...]

November 17, 2021 WeTransform

Fill out our survey about barriers, gaps and opportunities for the transport workers related to automation

In the framework of our second workshop, we are investigating the different gaps, barriers and opportunities for the transport workers related to the automation and digitalisation of transport [...]

October 13, 2021 WeTransform

WE-TRANSFORM 2nd Stakeholder Workshop

Online and in presence in Torino (IT) and Valencia (ESP), November 17, 10:00-16:00 … The Second Stakeholder Forum Workshop will build upon first results of the project, to discuss the gaps which [...]

June 16, 2021 WeTransform

WE-TRANSFORM 1st Stakeholder Workshop

Online, June 30, 2021, 13:30-17:30 … The First Stakeholder Forum Workshop will launch the process of leveraging stakeholders' knowledge and experiences. It will inform about WeTransform's objectives [...]