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Living Hub

Living Hub

The Living Hub is intended as a durable environment to support dialogue on innovation and the reality of workforce requirements and conditions. Get involved through the Stakeholder Forum sign-in and follow this page to know all about the latest opportunities to contribute, as well as past activities and related reports.


is the ecosystem that comprises:

  • The key stakeholders, across all transport modes impacted by automation and related sectors (indirect/ induced effects), whose expertise and knowledge the project needs to leverage on. These stakeholders include researchers, decision makers, trade unions and workers’ associations but also citizens, who are workers, across all regions of the world.
  • The Living Hub is also how these stakeholders are brought together, namely through workshops, focus groups, interviews, debates, to co-create new knowledge related to automation impacts on transport labour.
  • Finally, it comprises all the knowledge collected and collectively defined in the project (shared through WE-TRANSFORM Knowledge Base), which will lead to the formulation of an action-oriented agenda to minimise the potential negative effects of automation on labour force.

Living Hub Structure