October 6, 2023

WE-TRANSFORM gathers stakeholders in Turin to discuss transport workforce in the digital era

At Turin's Castello de Valentino, WE-TRANSFORM's invites stakeholders to define the future agenda for transport jobs. From the possible rules to the upcoming roles that will set how transport workforce is affected.

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October 6, 2023

Mercedes-Benz organises WE-TRANSFORM Workshop on 24 October 2023 in Stuttgart, Germany

Our project partner, Mercedes-Benz, is hosting an event under the title "Automation and digitalisation in the transport sector - How does the transformation succeed?".

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July 12, 2023

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As new technologies and digital infrastructures transform the mobility sector, local authorities, operators and manufacturers require updated and fresh labour skills. From road transport to aviation and shipping, automation is rapidly changing the face of mobility. It is essential that policy making keeps apace of these shifts, encouraging and facilitating the adaptions required.

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June 20, 2023 from News and Events

Report on the 5th Stakeholder Forum Workshop in Vienna 2023

In their last gathering in Brussels, WE-TRANSFORM's stakeholders discussed the legal aspects of the workforce transition in the transport sector. In Vienna, dynamic discussions and insightful debates [...]

July 4, 2022 from Living Hub

Living Hub

The Living Hub is intended as a durable environment to support dialogue on innovation and the reality of workforce requirements and conditions. Get involved through the Stakeholder Forum sign-in and [...]

April 13, 2023 from News and Events

WE-TRANSFORM stakeholders define pathways to a desirable future for transport workers

In the last three months, WE-TRANSFORM partners have organised small meetings with identified stakeholders to draw a picture of transport workers' future with the automation and digitalisation of [...]

This is what WeTransform intends to answer.

The project brings stakeholders together to establish a comprehensive knowledge base from which to inform policymaking.

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The problem, mobility is changing fast.

To keep up with new customer demands, technologies and environmental goals, the transport sector is increasingly turning to automation to deliver sustainable, affordable and accessible mobility [...]

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Applications are subject to review and approval by WeTransform Coordinator. Membership to WeTransform Stakeholder Forum is free of charge. You May apply by filling in the application form

News and events

October 30, 2023  WeTransform

Automation Agenda: The Mercedes-Benz WE-TRANSFORM Recap

On 24 October, Mercedes-Benz organized a workshop in their Stuttgart offices dedicated to the DACH region. It was attended by around 10 experts from key sectors including vehicle manufacturers that [...]

October 26, 2023  WeTransform

EU Regions Week showed active regional involvement to support transport workers

In the framework of the EU Week of Regions and Cities in combination with the European Year of Skills, POLIS, ERRIN and Ile-de-France Europe convened a fine panel to shed light on regional action to [...]

October 6, 2023  WeTransform

Mercedes-Benz WE-TRANSFORM Workshop on 24 October 2023 in Stuttgart

Our project partner, Mercedes-Benz, is hosting an event under the title "Automation and digitalisation in the transport sector - How does the transformation succeed?".


Shaping the Skills Needed for the Future of Automated Mobility

Horizon Futures Watch dives into the WE-TRANSFORM project. Access the article at their website: https://www.futures4europe.eu/_files/ugd/62d04e_62128fc9c87c415788a6f809a1c98c33.pdf


This deliverable describes the actions to engage in this participatory approach all concerned stakeholders through the Stakeholder Forum and Living Hub.


The deliverable will report the methodological toolkit to be adopted by all the thematic groups in the cross-national living hubs. This includes the methods to share and create knowledge and [...]