Wetransform is an EU-funded project addressing the impacts of transport automation on the workforce.

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As new technologies and digital infrastructures transform the mobility sector, local authorities, operators and manufacturers require updated and fresh labour skills. From road transport to aviation and shipping, automation is rapidly changing the face of mobility. It is essential that policy making keeps apace of these shifts, encouraging and facilitating the adaptions required.

This is what WeTransform intends to answer.

The project brings stakeholders together to establish a comprehensive knowledge base from which to inform policymaking.

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The problem, mobility is changing fast.

To keep up with new customer demands, technologies and environmental goals, the transport sector is increasingly turning to automation to deliver sustainable, affordable and accessible mobility [...]

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WeTransform is an initiative funded by the European Commission

WeTransform is an initiative funded by the European Commission to address the concerns raised in the EC White Paper on Transport (2011) regarding the impact on the workforce of the introduction of [...]